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Election report

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Sendai city council elections due to the expiration of the term of office.

  • The term of assembly of the local council has been established four years.

Have you ever been aware of the election being carried out in the region?

This time, we're going to report and how the election activities and the actual vote of each candidate.


Banner that had been hung on the wall of the Sendai City Hall

State of the city during the election period

During the election period, posters had been posted in various locations。


Wall of Sendai City Hall at the time


Posters that had been affixed to the neighborhood association of the bulletin board (left)


Posters that had been affixed to the subway station yard

The pasted bulletin board candidates each poster, had been installed in many places in the city. In addition to the candidate's name and face photos, and had also been described election day and early voting.


Sendai City Hall bulletin board

State of election campaign

Candidate had been carried out campaign by various means.

Street speech

Candidate had delivered a speech in many gather location of people, such as stations and government offices, close to the large-scale commercial facilities.

That candidates want to do after the election and self-introduction was the main contents. In addition, when the election day approached, many candidates came to push their name eagerly.


Support person speech


Candidates and supporters speaking in a busy street

Campaign car

Campaign cars were featuring the name of big candidates at the top of the vehicle. And they had been apparent in many corners of the city during the period.

All activities at once began at 8:00, which was allowed to begin campaigning. Compared to the street speech, they seemed to emphasize their name in order for voters to remenber theirs.


Election cars are lined up on the road

the Internet

In addition to the activities in the street, we saw candidates who take advantage of the Internet.

Candidates who were using Twitter and website were not seen as much as national election candidates.

State of vote

Polling place admission ticket

Before voting begins, "polling place admission tickets" are supposed to be mailed to each households with voters.

The tickets are marked voting date and polling stations. School building in many cases, will be polling stations in the vicinity.

ticket1 ticket02

Polling place admission ticket

Early voting

People who do not stick convenient to have a job and travel to vote, you can vote before the election day.

In the case of Sendai City, polling stations had been installed in each ward office and the high-rise building next to Sendai station. Especially since the high-rise building is always crowded, and transportain is good, everyone may feel free to pre-vote.

In addition, it had been needed a complicated procedure to "pre-vote". And now You can vote only in filling out a simple oath.


The entrance of the pre-voting locations provided in building next to station.

vote02 vote03

Place to fill in the oath (top) and polling stations (bottom)

Election day

The election was carried out on August 2.

In voting locations, it had been considered to be easier to vote, such as setting up the parking place and slope.

the polls

State of the entrance of the polling place (elementary school gymnasium)



  1. Bulletin calling for the vote was in throughout the city
  2. The main election activities by the candidates were "speaking from election cars" and "soapbox"
  3. You can feel free to vote.


So far we had not listened enough to election activities performed by the candidates. But, when we tried to see the activities, we couldn't gather information so as we think. In order to collect the information of candidates, we think that it is important that we move consciously.
Also whether there also be referred to as local elections, election activities using the Internet has not been done enough, We think more information is transmitted by to continue to actively utilize.

The vote was also found that it is not intended to stiff. Especially in a place that had been carried out of pre-voting, it was impressive that people of various ages were visiting the vote.

As we participate in the election, it's important to get correct information about the election as well as information of the candidates.


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