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Situations in the world

About 90 percent of the country give to 18 years old!


The proportion of the countries in which people have the voting right to 18-year-old
(National Diet Library in February 2014 examined)

As the graph above shows, in the world, has given 92 percent of the countries give the voting right to 18-year-old. Japan's system that has been given to more than 20 years of age up to now is the minority.

Voting age in each country (excerpt)

  • 16 - Austria
  • 17 - Indonesia, North Korea
  • 18 - USA, UK, Italy, Canada, France
  • 19 - South Korea
  • 20 - Cameroon and Taiwan
  • 21 - Kuwait, Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia
  • 25 - United Arab Emirates

Examples of countries

United Arab Emirates

Surprisingly, United Arab Emirates gives 25-year-old people the voting right.

In the United Arab Emirates, the voting right was given to the nation in 2005, but it is not given to all nation. As a background that leads to enormous wealth by oil and that most of the residents are foreigners, such as discussion of lowering the age is not done. This is a special case.

South Korea

South Korea gives the voting right up to 19-year-old people. The bill was passed in 2005.

They had discussed to reduce up to 18-year-old, but age as "it caused confusion in that include high school students" was determined to 19 years old.


In Austria it has been lowered to 16 years from 18 years voting age in the law amendment of 2007. This is the lowest age in the world of countries.

Things found by people who was able to vote from the age of 16
  1. Voter turnout of 16-year-old and 17-year-old is high.
  2. There has been a growing interest in politics.
  3. The habit of going to vote was made



  1. Even many countries that has given the voting right to less than 20 years old in the world
  2. Some countries have given to a lower age than the 18-year-old


We are ever living in Japan, "We go to vote if you become 20 years old," we think it is natural. However, when we examined in the wake of the current revision of the law, a variety of institutions have taken in the world of countries, it was found to be different by each of the country's situation.

In addition, upon institutional changes in Japan, We felt that the situation of countries which already pulled down the age would be helpful.


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