18-year-old Voters?



We gave a survey to know actually what high school students are thinking how about the election.

Whether high school students are thinking how, I think if it is possible to know the real opinion

Survey results (active high school students 63 people answer)

Q1. Are you agree that the right to vote is given to up to 18 years of age?

In that agree account for 85.7 percent, those who have the opposite opinion was 14.3 percent. We asked why.

Q1-2. That's why?

Agree opinion
When the young people of opinion is reflected, while the voice of welcome is large, there were many voices of anxiety of whether not too young.

Q2. Do you think what age is properly that the age given the right to vote?

18-year-old has accounted for more than half, but I was surprised that 36.5 percent thing people have answered the age of otherwise.

Q2-2. That's why?

Opinion of the person who chose the 18-year-old
Opinion of the person who chose the age of the other
There were many opinions to consider the high school graduation as one of the milestone,on the other hand 16-year-old and 20-year-old was also opinion be considered a border.

Q3. Do you go for election if you have the right to vote?

Four people answered "No".

Q3-2-1. We ask the person who answered "Yes".
Please tell us the reason that you think of in fact.

It was a very nice result that there were many people who wanted to let politics reflect one's opinion. However, it is reality that there are many people going for a vote for an obligation. It is necessary to make the environment where people want to go to for a vote positively.

Q3-2-2. We ask the person who answered "No".
Please tell us the reason that you think of in fact.

We think that it is splendid that there is not the person who answered, "it is troublesome". However, there were a lot of people to answer, "I do not have the person whom I wanted to support". The policy that we want to support is necessary.

Q4. Have you checked your local candidate?

The respondent was age not to yet have the right to vote, but there were half of the people interested in a local candidate. They to election seem to be highly concerned.

Q4-2. We ask the person who answered "Yes". What kind of means do you obtain information by?

The Internet spread, but most one was newspapers. We can deliver various information including an image and the animation on the Internet. We think that the candidate should conjugate more.


We thought that there were many people who were interested in election and politics in the high school student from the result of various questionnaires.

In political participation, it is very important that we have own opinion. Have one the reduction of the right to vote age by the political participation of the young group; was intended, but not only a young person had consciousness, but also thought that was important to the pressure of the person of the circumference.

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